Solutions for the Emerging Low Carbon Economy

Who We Are

We started Greening Point to meet a need for solutions integration in the green- and clean-tech area.  We help businesses and communities understand and manage their environmental impact.  Our focus is on technology that provides information to motivate action, communication between decision makers and constituents, as well as communication and collaboration within organizations and communities.

Company Founders

Our backgrounds cover the gamut from environmental clean-up to sustainability best practices on the eco front, and from technology startups to large multi-national enterprises on the business front.  The founders have held senior executive positions in public companies as well as CEO and other key leadership roles in earlier stage companies.

Ian BrowdeIan Browde
Ian is a seasoned business executive with diverse experience in both entrepreneurial and large corporate environments. 

He led international business development for Apple, when the company expanded into Europe, Asia and Latin America. He oversaw the Apple University Consortium in Europe and the partnership with Xerox, Apple’s channel partner in Latin America. He established Apple’s first computer lab in Chengdu, China by partnering with the University of Western China for the Medical Sciences. He devised the innovative Apple Managers’ Seminar, and trained Apple’s Education sales force that served 70% of the U.S. education market. At SCO, he led the company’s partnership with Compaq in the Americas. At Nokia he led business development, managing the strategic alliance with Check Point Software that was responsible for over 95% of the company’s annual security revenue. He filed a patent claim for a methodology to design user interfaces for devices, Internet applications and services, and he facilitated the consumer business partnership in China between Nokia and ETS that resulted in English language learning via mobile handsets. Also at Nokia, he led the company's pioneering messaging security initiative.

Ian is an exceptional public speaker, a world class partnership executive, a highly effective manager and a renowned 'out-of-the-box' strategic thinker. He serves on the board of the Center for Electronic Business at San Francisco State University, has served as advisor to The Coalition for a New California Infrastructure (CNCI) and was a Nokia Diversity Champion. He holds a BA from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa and a JD from the Santa Clara University Law School. Ian describes himself as a 'mentorpreneur' given his commitment to helping others achieve their personal business aspirations.

Michael TilsonMichael Tilson
Technology & Operations
Mike has a successful track record as both a technologist and as a business general manager.

Most recently Mike was Chief Technology Officer at
1:1 Corporation, which provided an innovative customer/employee requirements gathering system for companies like Oracle, Cisco, Disney and other major enterprises.  Previous positions include Senior VP, Technology - Rainmaker Systems, which provides outsourced customer relationship management services, Senior VP, Products - Tiburon, Inc., a leader in mission-critical public safety software; GM, Service Division and CEO - Decisive Technology, a pioneer in real time customer intelligence via an application services model; VP WW Engineering, Senior VP Services and CIO - Santa Cruz Operation (SCO), a leading supplier of Unix systems; CEO - HCR Corporation, a Canadian software development company that created systems software for OEMs such as IBM.

Mike earned summa cum laude honors in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Michigan and he has a graduate degree in Computer Science from the University of Toronto.  He has served on the boards of several industry associations and community organizations.

Finance & Legal
Since receiving an MBA in Finance from Stanford, Steve has worked in small and mid-sized growing enterprises in finance and general management.

Among those experiences most relevant to sustainability, he spent ten years in the environmental industry starting as VP of Business Operations at Applied GeoSystems, a professional consulting firm of geologists, engineers and chemists providing site assessment and remediation services. He founded a contaminated and hazardous waste management company, Integrated WasteStream Management (IWM), specializing in assessment, transportation and treatment or disposal.

Earlier in his career, following his undergraduate degree cum laude from Yale in Development Economics, Steve worked four years in emerging economies culminating in the position as Controller with the Conseil de l’Entente in West Africa responsible for $50 million in foreign aid funds directed to small business programs and agricultural development projects in the region.  Steve currently also serves as CFO for the Environmental Institute of America.

We view community in the broadest sense -- groups of people with a common relationship:   customers or employees of businesses as well as citizens of cities or counties.

circle of handsWe build partnering relationships with technology leaders in green- and clean-tech.  We strive to deliver the best combination of products and services from the highest quality suppliers, along with our implementation, consulting and analysis services.

We are committed to the triple bottom line:

  • People - producing social benefit generally and specifically in those communities where we operate.
  • Planet - driving ourselves to be at least carbon-neutral while contributing (through our products and services) to our clients achieving a similar goal.
  • Profit - being sustainably profitable for ourselves and our partners while delivering value to our clients.

To reduce our own impact, we try to be as lightweight as we can be (but still as heavyweight as you need us to be!)  We use virtual office, virtual server and conferencing technology to reduce our resource consumption.  CO2 from chimneyWe reuse and recycle whenever we can.  Indeed, as a solution integrator, we try to avoid wasteful reinvention when we can find the right technologies and services "ready to go."  And we utilize carbon offset programs to mitigate high impact activities (such as unavoidable air travel.)

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