Solutions for the Emerging Low Carbon Economy

Community Carbon Management Program

city housesPolicymakers are responsible for decisions that affect greenhouse gas emissions.  Cities, counties, regional agencies, educational institutions and regulated utilities are striving to reduce the total "carbon footprint" in the communities they serve.  Often initiatives stem from the desire to promote sustainability and prevent global warming.  Increasingly, agencies and utilities must act in order to comply with regulatory mandates or to qualify for state and federal funding.

Zerofootprint logoZerofootprint Personal Carbon Manager

We provide the leading online application to engage individuals as a community in the fight against climate change.  The web-based carbon calculator and social networking application is customizable to your city or organization in terms of language, questions asked, emissions factors and metrics.

PCM screenWith unlimited scalability, the Zerofootprint Personal Carbon Manager (PCM) enables citizens to measure, manage and track their carbon footprint, and connect and collaborate with others who share similar environmental goals. Your community can use the information gathered with the calculator to form green initiatives and city-wide challenges.  We configure links to a green marketplace, events and news, thereby promoting sustainable commerce.  Cities such as Seattle, Boulder and Toronto have chosen PCM.

Program Services

We provide not just a tool, but a full program -- a comprehensive solution for government, utilities and business. The program includes:

  • Web-based Personal Carbon Manager customized for each city, university, utility or business
  • Social media & networking
  • Outreach & marketing program including a customized edition of the Greening Point Digital Video Magazine
  • Linkage to client programs, green marketplace, carbon offsets or other resources
  • Optional integration with customer utility records
  • Communication channel between decision makers and community
  • Youth and schools program including local curriculum content

Benefits for Policymakers

How do you define a community?  Whether defined by a city, county, regional government group, transit authority, water district, waste management district or public utility, a community is made of people -- people connected together according to location, policies and services.  Our Community Carbon Management Program lets you...

  • Demonstrate leadership in one of the most critical issues of our time.
  • Establish an innovative communication channel with residents and consumers.
  • Assess the effect of current policies and develop a baseline to monitor the impact of policy changes.
  • Enhance community participation in achieving policy goals.
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Benefits for Individuals

CFL bulb

Your constituents can easily...

  • Measure and manage their carbon footprint.
  • Be empowered to view the aggregated footprint reduction of their neighborhood, groups, or city.
  • Track their progress over time.
  • Benchmark their footprint against others in their community and in other cities and countries around the world.
  • Pledge and commit to taking actions to meet footprint reduction goals.
  • Simulate the environmental impact of achieving their goals.
  • Link to other community members and create or join groups focused on shared goals.
  • Use a One Minute Calculator for a quick assessment of their footprint.
  • Gain access to a marketplace of green products, services, events and news.
  • Optionally purchase carbon offset credits to reduce their footprint.

The specific features and capabilities are configured based on what would be most appropriate for your program.

Benefits for Business Enterprises

The Community Carbon Management Program can be used by commercial organizations as part of employee and customer outreach programs promoting sustainability.  We can help communicate your environmental commitment and provide new opportunities to increase your connection with customers and employees.

Take the Next Step

Action is critical as we move into a low carbon world.  Greening Point is ready to serve you as a full solutions integrator.  To get started, please contact us today.

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