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Thanks for visiting!  We're developing some media as part of our sustainability solutions.  We need your help to review and pick the better of two test pieces.  Please view both short video pieces below, read the explanation below, and then take the two minute survey at the bottom of the page.  The two videos have nearly identical content.  They differ only in some graphics, one short video segment, music and processing of the sound track.  The whole process should take about 5-6 minutes.  Thank you!

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This is a preview trailer introducing the Greening Point Digital Video Magazine.  This is "VIDEO 1" our latest revision.

We're still playing with sound levels.  Each player window is set so that the two levels will be about the same.  Don't adjust the player's volume -- if you need to, turn up your speakers or your system volume.


To view our video, make sure JavaScript and Flash are available.

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This is "VIDEO 2" our previous version.

We are grateful to Digital Media Factory for their enthusiastic support of this effort.



Purpose of the Greening Point Digital Video Magazine

In partnership with Digital Media Factory, we're creating a Digital Video Magazine.  This will be a constantly refreshed online video destination.  The content will emphasize interesting stories showing individuals and organizations who are taking creative actions to change our world for the better.  The "magazine" format means that you can pick and choose the things that most interest you.  Like a print magazine, we'll have sections, regular features, and special features.  Each item should include both human interest and innovation in sustainability.

Our vision is to create master magazine with content that will attract and engage viewers.  The master can then be customized to meet the needs of our clients.  For example a city could flow in some video stories relevant to city programs in order to easily create a powerful public outreach and education vehicle.

Purpose of this "Teaser" Video Trailer

We've assembled a lot of content for the full magazine.  Using this content, we've created a promotional trailer ("teaser") piece, whose purpose is to give a flavor of the full magazine.  The trailer should create interest and make you want to see the first edition of Greening Point - The Magazine when it's completed. 

Please Give Us Your Feedback

After viewing the above videos and considering the above statements, we would very much appreciate it if you could answer just a few questions.  This really short survey (one page, only a few questions) should take one or two minutes.  Your feedback is really important to us.  Please click here to take the two minute survey.  Thanks!

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