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Here are some pointers to people and organizations doing interesting things in sustainability and green-tech.

Skeptical ScienceSkeptical Science is one of the best web resources tracking "climate denial" arguments  and responding with articulate rebuttals and well-researched pointers to the best available current scientific information.  The site is notable for being non-dogmatic and open to true skepticism (questioning in pursuit of improved understanding.)  It provides fascinating reading and informed discussion on our emissions of greenhouse gases and their effect on climate change.

- Posted 05/31/10

Product Policy InstituteProduct Policy Institute (PPI) is a not-for-profit education and technical assistance organization dedicated to preventing waste and to promoting sustainable production and consumption practices through good public policy and governance.  44% of US greenhouse gas emissions are due to products and packaging.  PPI offers local governments practical tools to navigate the transition from a Throw-Away to a Zero Waste Society.

- Posted 02/05/10


ServoTerra helps companies be green and more profitable by redeploying, reselling and recycling their existing IT assets.  ServoTerra bridges the gap between asset management and asset disposition, allowing IT managers to optimize for profitable ROI the same way they do for usage and performance.

- Posted 12/15/09


Cartifact creates beautiful and effective maps in print, web and mobile media for clients in business and government worldwide.  We are collaborating with Cartifact to combine high quality interactive maps with climate change education to enhance public understanding. See our press release on this page for our first demonstration project.

- Posted 10/29/09

TerraFusionTerraFusion produces ECORoads, an innovative biomass-based soil stabilization product that increases the strength, density, and durability of roads, road bases and construction site foundations.  ECORoads is a non-toxic sustainable product that vastly reduces the amount of rock that must be mined for road building as well as saving substantial energy and reducing greenhouse gases.

- Posted 9/17/09.

Watch this space for more updates!

May 14, 2010: Sustainable Investing Roundtable Opens -- Greening Point is a Supporting Sponsor

February 7, 2010: CRD Analytics Engages Greening Point as Business Development Partner

January 19, 2010: Greening Point and EcoShift Announce Partnering Agreement

October 29, 2009: Cartifact and Greening Point Launch

September 20, 2009: Greening Point to Sell & Promote Sustainability Workshops from Verdafero

August 19, 2009: Low Carbon Enterprise Announces Executive Workshop Series; Greening Point to sell and promote "Driving Innovation for Growth" workshops

June 19, 2009: Greening Point and Digital Media Factory to Collaborate on Digital Video Magazine and Green- and Clean-Tech Media

June 2, 2009: Greening Point Signs Solution Integration Agreement with Zerofootprint

Sustainable Investing Roundtable Opens

Greening Point is a Supporting Sponsor

New York, NY.  May 14, 2010.  The SmartView™ Roundtable event opened today at the NASDAQ MarketSite in Times Square, New York City.  The subject of the Roundtable is Sustainable Investing -- What's at Stake for for Investors & Public Companies.   Greening Point is proud to be listed as a supporting sponsor.

The event attracted representatives of investment funds, public companies and other organizations.  The event is hosted by CRD Analytics, the Governance and Accountability Institute, and NASDAQ OMX.  A stellar speaker list includes leaders of the Global Reporting Initiative and many others.  The event also features a NASDAQ market closing bell ceremony.

There is increasing evidence that companies with high performance on environment, social and governance measures also tend to perform better financially over the long term, and the Roundtable reinforces this theme.

Greening Point is pleased to have supported this important event as part of its previous announced partnership with CRD Analytics LLC, the leading provider of independent sustainability investment analytics. Using its proprietary SmartView™ Technology Platform, CRD Analytics empowers its clients with actionable and performance-driven information distilled from large sets of complex data including financial, environmental, social, governance and patent information. CRD Analytics partners with its clients to construct proprietary index-based investment products.

CRD Analytics Engages Greening Point as Business Development Partner

New York, NY.  February 7, 2010CRD Analytics LLC and Greening Point, Inc. today announced a partnering agreement that makes the full range of CRD Analytics SmartView™ sustainability investment analytics reporting available as part of the Greening Point solution portfolio. Greening Point will join the CRD Analytics Preferred Partner Network, enabling CRD Analytics' clients to obtain information about Greening Point sustainability and carbon management services. Greening Point will also provide business development services to CRD Analytics in connection with SmartView Workshop and Roundtable events.

SmartView constantly screens and filters its database of over 5,000 global companies to evaluate an investment's sustainable performance value -- a rating of a company's total financial, environmental, social and governance performance. Through extensive statistical analysis and testing, this system has determined the Metrics that Matter. SmartView uses 200 metrics that have been proven to have a strong correlation with outperformance and improved shareholder value. The SmartView platform was one of the first systems to use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G3 guidelines in its index methodology to publicly list the NASDAQ OMX CRD Global Sustainability 50 Index (QCRD).

Greening Point CEO Ian Browde said, "Our new partnership with CRD Analytics expands our solutions for larger enterprises. Companies that want to improve their scores to enhance their brands and become more attractive to sustainability-focused investors and green investment managers will find the SmartView reports invaluable. We're delighted to work with CRD Analytics, a truly innovative company!"

Greening Point will offer the SmartView Basic Company Reports, the SmartView Detailed Company Reports, the SmartView Sector Analysis Reports, and the SmartView Workshop Series, Investing in Sustainable Performance. The Basic and Detailed reports provide information about sustainability factors and scoring for a particular public company. The Sector Analysis Report takes a broader view, placing the data within the context of a specific sector with comparative analysis of those companies that qualify by passing the SmartView screening methodology. The most advanced option is the Investing in Sustainable Performance Workshop, which includes all the benefits of the Company Sector Report plus expert in-person workshop delivery for company stakeholders to learn firsthand how the best practices and metrics that matter can be applied in their company. The Workshops are conducted in New York and San Francisco, with other locations by special arrangement.

CRD Analytics President Michael Muyot noted that, "Working with Greening Point is part of our national expansion strategy. The Global Sustainability 50 Index has substantially outperformed the broader market, and we know public company executives increasingly need to understand how and why they measure up in sustainability rankings. SmartView helps executives and managers understand how they measure up, what the leaders in each sector are doing and what resources are out there once they are serious about managing their environmental, social and governance risks to improve their financial performance and opportunities. We are very excited to be partnering with Greening Point, who we believe will help us reach our national markets faster."

About CRD Analytics®
CRD Analytics LLC is an independent provider of investment analytics. The company's rigorous evaluation of financial, social, environmental and governance data is used to quantitatively determine the potential sustainability of a company, industry sector or investment portfolio, allowing for informed investment decisions and delivering optimized, risk-adjusted sustainable performance. Using its proprietary, patent-pending SmartView™ Platform, CRD Analytics empowers its clients with actionable and performance-driven information distilled from large sets of complex data.

Greening Point and EcoShift Announce Partnering Agreement

Santa Cruz, CA. January 19, 2010. Greening Point, Inc. and EcoShift Consulting LLC today announced a partnering agreement that includes joint product development and the availability of the full range of EcoShift services as part of the Greening Point solution portfolio.

The companies are collaborating to create GreeningShift™, a simple assessment tool that makes it easy for organizations to identify high-payoff areas to increase sustainability while conserving energy, managing future risk and utilizing resources more efficiently.

Greening Point will offer EcoShift's three core services: Life Cycle Assessment, a tool to identify the net impacts of a product's complete life cycle, including raw materials extraction, manufacturing, use, and disposal; Energy Assessment, a comprehensive and customized analysis of all aspects of energy usage and an action plan for energy savings, including decision metrics for a set of opportunities for energy efficiency and renewable energy; and Climate Action Planning, an adaptive climate and sustainability plan to guide efficient and effective implementation of strategies to address an entity's greenhouse gas emissions.

Greening Point CEO Ian Browde said, "Our new agreement with EcoShift allows us to offer our clients access to a team of recognized environment experts with both scientific credentials and hands-on business consulting experience. This enhances our ability to serve our clients' sustainability needs from initial assessment projects through strategic transformation."

EcoShift co-founder Alex Gershenson noted that, "Working with Greening Point will help us expand our scope and reach the market more effectively. The Monterey Bay area possesses a world-class talent pool and a strong drive to create a sustainable future. We're pleased that this new relationship strengthens both companies while contributing to the burgeoning regional network of green-tech businesses."

About EcoShift
EcoShift Consulting creates custom solutions, focused on organizations and their products, to increase the business effectiveness, lower costs, and support a sustainable environment. A comprehensive approach to sustainability consulting and problem solving enables EcoShift to assess, plan, and implement tailor-made strategies for its clients. EcoShift's founders have doctorates in Environmental Studies and work with a team of highly trained environmental economists, climate scientists, and policy analysts to provide the technical expertise and the range of knowledge necessary to create strategies tailored to each client.

Cartifact and Greening Point Launch

An Interactive Educational Map of Potential Climate Change Impact on Our Coastlines

Los Angeles, CA and Santa Cruz, CA. October 29, 2009Cartifact, Inc. and Greening Point, Inc. today announced the launch of a new public educational resource, The site provides an interactive map showing how various climate change scenarios could change our coastline through sea levels rising. The site features high quality, visually attractive interactive maps accompanied by educational information about climate change science and links to further reading. The initial release provides maps for the San Francisco Bay area and a detailed focus map of the Santa Cruz to Salinas portion of the Monterey Bay.

Cartifact developed to help the public visualize the impact of possible climate change scenarios on the location and nature of future shorelines. A scope-like lens is available to view aerial imagery of the real-world roads and buildings that, depending on local topography, could potentially be inundated by the rising global ocean levels, waves, storm surge and flooding. Greening Point collaborated in the effort, providing conceptualization, environmental information and design assistance.

Cartifact President Graham Marriott said "We strive to make visually compelling maps that help people understand complex geographic data. Sea level changes resulting from global warming are an important public issue. We're pleased to provide a new public resource to help people understand the risks associated with various climate change scenarios."

Both companies emphasize that they are not making a prediction that sea levels will rise to a specific level. According to Greening Point CTO Michael Tilson, "we want people to learn about possible climate change scenarios, the science behind them, and the potential outcome of each. Some scenarios are fairly likely and have significant impacts. More extreme scenarios are unlikely in the near term, and yet there is a small but worrisome risk that these could occur with severe economic, social and environmental impacts. We hope to make a positive contribution to public dialogue on these issues."

About Cartifact
Cartifact, Inc. creates maps in print, web and mobile media for clients in business and government worldwide. Cartifact also explores and creates new mapmaking methods and tools, and has become known as a leading source of cartographic technology and expertise.

Greening Point to Sell & Promote Sustainability Workshops from Verdafero

Santa Cruz, CA. September 20, 2009. Greening Point, Inc. announced a sales and promotion agreement with Verdafero, Inc. who are certified to deliver the renowned SCORE™ and SParRK™ corporate sustainability workshops.

SCORE is a sustainability assessment of business practices by department that can help business leaders and managers determine where their organization is on the road to sustainability and also identify new opportunities. It was developed by AXIS Performance Advisors in conjunction with the International Sustainable Development Foundation and the Zero Waste Alliance.

SPaRK is an easy-to-follow, systematic process for quickly leading an organization to develop a sustainability plan and report. The plan covers key aspects of sustainability such as building the business case, establishing a framework and vision, assessing sustainability impacts and selecting projects and reporting metrics. SPaRK was also developed by AXIS Performance Advisors.

SCORE and SPaRK are ideal for small and medium sized (SME) companies. They take the guesswork out of when and how to implement sustainability practices. They simplify the process of getting every department to understand the relevance of sustainability for their function while enabling companies to benchmark themselves against others in their sector.

"Verdafero's SCORE and SPaRK workshops are a powerful tool for enterprises to assess their ability to become sustainable, save money and create opportunities for new business at the same time. We are excited about contributing to our customers' sustainability-based business success," said Ian Browde, Greening Point CEO.

Using the SCORE and SPaRK workshops, Verdafero will provide companies with a clear snapshot of their strengths and areas for improvement. This may include an evaluation of their buildings, waste streams, energy and greenhouse gases, chemical inventory, and environmental management systems. "With Greening Point promoting and selling our SCORE and SPaRK offerings," said Verdafero CEO Merc Martinelli, "we are confident that many more clients will learn about, and benefit from these comprehensive programs we are proud to provide."

About Verdafero
Verdafero, Inc. is based in Santa Cruz. Verdafero provides on demand software tools and associated consulting services for businesses to effectively manage their "Triple Bottom Line" -- People/Planet/Profit. Verdafero helps organizations to understand and deploy sustainability as a key strategic advantage for their business by focusing on saving our customers time, money, and resources and maximizing return on investment in addressing the sustainability imperative.

SCORE™ and SPaRK™ are trademarks of Axis Performance Advisors.

Low Carbon Enterprise Announces Executive Workshop Series

Greening Point to Sell and Promote "Driving Innovation for Growth" Workshops

Santa Cruz, CA. August 19, 2009Low Carbon Enterprise announced the Driving Innovation for Growth Executive Workshop Series.  Low Carbon Enterprise (LCE) was founded by Dr. Ram Nidumolu as a result of his extensive and groundbreaking research with leading Global 500 firms regarding sustainability, innovation, new business models and the emerging low-carbon economy.  Greening Point, Inc. announced a marketing agreement with LCE to offer the Workshops to enterprises who want to compete effectively in the new economy.

The results of Dr. Nidumolu's work are twofold:  the Harvard Business Review September 2009 cover article "Why Sustainability is Now the Key Driver of Innovation" co-authored with Dr. C.K. Prahalad (renowned management thought leader); and the Low Carbon Enterprise Executive Workshop Series:  Driving Innovation for Growth delivered onsite by Dr. Nidumolu himself.

Executive teams participating in the workshops receive a framework and methodology providing (1) a new perspective, recognized by the Harvard Business Review and leading innovators among the Global 500 firms, that identifies the opportunities for innovation in the low-carbon economy, (2) clear benchmarking of their enterprise against the detailed self-assessments of executives driving eco-innovations at 25 of the leading enterprises among the Global 500, (3) ROI models for important low-carbon initiatives and innovations, and (4) exploration of new business models that can change the basis of competition in the industry.  These models provide robust business cases, show how to incorporate extra financial factors, e.g., enhanced corporate reputation and talent recruitment/retention, identify new monetization models, and much more.

Greening Point CEO Ian Browde said, "We are delighted to offer the LCE series of strategic workshops for enterprise executive teams.  Executive teams that take the time to immerse themselves in this new way of thinking about their business will be able to drive the results that are needed to lead in the new economy."

"Despite the current financial crisis and uncertainty, one thing is clear: enterprises that position themselves now for this new reality will be the ones to prosper in the next year and beyond," stated Dr. Ram Nidumolu.  "With Greening Point," he added, "Low Carbon Enterprise will be able to further its mission of helping companies quickly learn a pragmatic framework for a significant leap forward in innovation through sustainability.  Participants will not only identify tangible cost savings and new sources of revenue, but position their enterprises competitively for the emerging low-carbon economy; all while doing the right thing!"

The workshops should be of special interest to companies whose current annual revenues range from $250M to $5B.  Global competition in this segment is increasing and some form of regulation of greenhouse gas emissions is certain.  These companies can leverage the best practices of leading Global 500 firms in preparing for the emerging low-carbon economy.

About Low Carbon Enterprise
Low Carbon Enterprise ( is a management initiative of InnovaStrat, Inc., an innovation and strategy firm that was founded by Dr. Ram Nidumolu. Its vision is that the low-carbon economy is inevitable and that sustainability is no longer just a corporate responsibility toward society, but a key driver of business innovation and competitive advantage.

Greening Point and Digital Media Factory to Collaborate on Digital Video Magazine and Green- and Clean-Tech Media

Santa Cruz, CA. June 19, 2009. Greening Point, Inc. and Digital Media Factory, Inc. today announced an agreement to create The Greening Point Focus, a digital video magazine. This effort will produce a rich set of IP TV content focused on sustainability, the reduction of environmental impact including carbon footprint and global warming, and the innovative solutions people are creating.

Greening Point will use the new digital video magazine as an element of its Community Carbon Management Program for cities, counties, regional government groups, schools, transit authorities, water districts, waste management districts, public utilities and businesses. The Community Carbon Management Program empowers communities to reduce carbon emissions through individual and collective action, including the Zerofootprint Personal Carbon Manager, social networking, implementation services, rollout programs and on-going analysis and reporting. Greening Point clients will also be able to customize the online magazine to easily create highly effective community education and outreach programs.

Greening Point CEO Ian Browde said, "Digital media are vital to the success of any effort to engage the community. We are excited about our relationship with Digital Media Factory, not only because of their capabilities, but also because we want to be part of a cluster of Santa Cruz companies providing national leadership in green- and clean-tech solutions and modeling the triple-bottom-line commitment to people, profit and planet."

Digital Media Factory CEO Marty Collins added "our vision has always been to model being green in digital media while promoting others in their businesses to co-create value in society. Partnering with Greening Point takes us a significant step forward towards that vision."

Also as a result of the agreement, Greening Point will become a member of the Digital Media Factory cluster of companies. The cluster members have complementary capabilities and can work together to provide an enhanced set of services. Greening Point will contribute green-tech media content to the cluster and will, in turn, benefit from other cluster members' media skills.

About Digital Media Factory
Digital Media Factory, Inc. is a multi-business facility for the design, development, production, replication, management, and distribution of digital information products. Located in Santa Cruz, it provides an operational base for organizations that serve the digital communication needs of business, education, government, entertainment and local communities. The Factory leverages its production resources and high-speed broadband infrastructure to enable even the smallest of organizations to generate and deliver their digital media and entertainment products anywhere in the world.

Greening Point Signs Solution Integration Agreement with Zerofootprint

Santa Cruz, CA and Toronto, Canada. June 2, 2009.  Greening Point, Inc. signed a value-added reseller agreement with Zerofootprint Software Inc., an organization dedicated to the mass reduction of global environmental impact.  As a result of the agreement, Greening Point will be Zerofootprint's first authorized and trained solutions integrator in the United States.  Using the Zerofootprint Personal Carbon Manager, Greening Point will offer a Community Carbon Management Program to cities, counties, regional government groups, transit authorities, water districts, waste management districts and public utilities.

Greening Point CEO Ian Browde said, "We are delighted to kick off our operations by working with Zerofootprint.  We want to help policymakers have a greater impact in the effort to reduce climate change.  Our Community Carbon Management Program will empower communities to reduce carbon emissions through individual and collective action. Zerofootprint provides a core component.  We in turn provide a full solution including configuration, rollout programs and an on-going analysis and reporting.  I am persuaded that the 'triple bottom line' concept -- people, profit, planet -- is the appropriate model for the emerging economy and we're excited that our first market offering is such a good fit."

"With Greening Point, Zerofootprint will be able to further its mission helping companies and municipalities to measure and manage their carbon," states Ron Dembo, founder and CEO of Zerofootprint.  "These are critical activities as we move into a low carbon world."

The company anticipates that the Community Carbon Management Program will also be of interest to large retailers and other enterprises who wish to reach out to their customers in order to promote corporate social responsibility.

About Zerofootprint
Zerofootprint is an organization dedicated to a mass reduction in global environmental impact. The company provides software and services to individuals, governments, universities and corporations that measures and manages carbon footprint and engages employees and citizens worldwide in combating climate change.


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