Solutions for the Emerging Low Carbon Economy

Our Partners

Solutions integration is essential to our business.  We work closely with trusted partners who supply key technologies, products and services.  And we choose our internal infrastructure not only to be efficient and effective but also to reduce our own environmental impact.

Solution Partners  
CRD Analytics CRD Analytics is an independent provider of investment analytics. The company’s rigorous evaluation of financial, social, environmental and governance data is used to quantitatively determine the potential sustainability of a company, industry sector or investment portfolio, allowing for informed investment decisions and delivering optimized, risk-adjusted sustainable performance. Greening Point offers CRD Analytics SmartView™ reports to investor relations and sustainability executives.
EcoShift EcoShift takes a comprehensive approach to sustainability consulting and problem solving focused on organizations and their products, to increase business effectiveness, lower costs, and support a sustainable environment.. EcoShift’s founders have Environmental Studies PhDs and work with a team of highly trained environmental economists, climate scientists, and policy analysts to provide Greening Point with technical expertise and the range of knowledge necessary to create strategies tailored to each client.
Zerofootprint  Zerofootprint is an organization dedicated to a mass reduction in global environmental impact. The company provides software and services to individuals, governments, universities and corporations to measure and manage their carbon footprint, and engage employees and citizens worldwide in combating climate change.  Greening Point is pleased to be their authorized solutions integrator.  Visit their website at www.zerofootprint.NET.
Low Carbon Enterprise Low Carbon Enterprise was founded as a result of extensive and groundbreaking research with leading Global 500 firms regarding sustainability, innovation, new business models and the emerging global economy.  The Low Carbon Enterprise Executive Workshop Series helps enterprises become more innovative and competitive in the emerging low carbon economy.
Verdafero Verdafero provides on demand software tools and associated consulting services to help organizations understand and deploy sustainability as a key strategic advantage for their business.  Verdafero focuses on saving time, money, and resources and maximizing return on investment in addressing the sustainability imperative.
Digital Media Factory Digital Media Factory is a multi-business facility for the design, development, production, replication, management, and distribution of digital information products. Located in Santa Cruz, it provides an operational base for organizations that serve the digital communication needs of business, education, government, entertainment and local communities.
Service, Technology and Platform Suppliers  
RX Productions Rx Productions expertise is in digital media strategy. Using a consultative approach, Rx Productions first works with clients to identify the media that will have the greatest business impact, followed by implementation of custom media solutions with lasting value. Rx Productions deliver successful, on-time programs and campaigns that produce measurable results.
Technical Project Services Technical Project Services offers project management services for social media, eNewsletter, web, software application, and other projects.  This includes managing the web production process, including defining requirements, finding resources for design, branding, production, information architecture, and SEO (search engine optimization) and managing web application projects from requirements definition through implementation. Technical Project Services is adept at helping clients utilize blogging, Twittering and other social media for market and customer communications.
1&1 Internet Business Hosting Shared web hosting and virtual servers provide a cost-effective means to build a secure IT infrastructure while minimizing capital and operating costs.  But did you know that shared or virtual hosting can dramatically reduce carbon footprint as compared to running your own servers?  At Greening Point we utilize 1&1 Internet to eliminate the need for power-hungry in-house computers. Driving to work has a significant environmental impact.  Lighting, heating and cooling a large office adds to global warming.  Driving or flying to visit customers adds to the greenhouse gas burden.  At Greening Point we know our team must be able to work together in person, and we know the value of face-to-face meetings with you.  But we work to minimize the impact by maximizing our use of conferencing and virtual office technologies. supplies our advanced virtual office telecommunications.



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