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Sustainability Consulting Services

Our Approach

We take a phased, modular approach.  We can start with a simple opportunity assessment all the way through a full climate action plan.  At each step we strive to achieve tangible results while setting the stage for further work based on demonstrated return on investment.  Each step should deliver real value, leaving you free to choose when and how to proceed further.

Sustainability-focused companies have been found to financially outperform their peers in almost every industry by an average of 15%.  We believe every organization can reduce its environmental impact while becoming more competitive -- and usually with quick cost savings as well.  We bring this approach to every consulting engagement.


Greening Point consultants are broadly experienced in energy policy, engineering, carbon modeling, economics, lifecycle analysis, information technology and general business management.  Our resources include not only our own staff but also recognized experts from a network of independent consultants and partner companies.  For example, recently we signed a collaborative agreement with EcoShift, whose  principals are PhD-level scientists who also teach and conduct research at leading California universities.

We can help you become more sustainable, more competitive and more profitable with innovative expert services.

GreeningShift Quick Start

GreeningShift is a fast, simple, and low-cost assessment service to give your organization an immediate "big picture" view of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and overall sustainability.  We use a simple questionnaire process and proprietary analysis tools to highlight those areas where further work would have the highest payoff.  Very little of your staff time is needed and the GreeningShift cost is nominal.  A clear report delivered in a few days describes energy saving opportunities and areas where sustainability can improve.

Energy Assessment

Most companies can save 10-30% of facility operating costs through energy efficiency improvements, and the return on investment on projects is usually less than four years. In addition, most energy retrofits increase equipment lifetimes and reduce maintenance.

We perform a comprehensive and customized assessment of all aspects of your energy usage, including heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, the building envelope, and operational and maintenance procedures.  After identifying opportunities for energy savings and renewable energy, we create a plan of action consistent with your goals and investment horizons.  Finally, we can assist with implementation.

Energy reduction is a win/win for sustainability and cost savings.  In addition, renewable energy and energy conservation policy is now at the forefront of regional and national environmental policy initiatives. This emphasis has created unique financing opportunities at local, state, and national levels, creating a situation that allows significant leverage in energy efficiency investments. In some cases, up-front capital expenses can be virtually eliminated.

Life Cycle Assessment

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a tool used to identify the net impacts of a productís life cycle from raw materials extraction, through manufacturing, use, and disposal.  LCA can be used for pollution prevention planning, green engineering and design, compliance with environmental standards, or to differentiate products based on accepted sustainability criteria.  The International Standards Organization (ISO) has codified LCA procedures in ISO 14040.

Our transparent, comprehensive, accurate, and adaptable Life Cycle Assessment process results in a decision tool you can use to choose the best options for your organization, in order to:

  • Meet the increasing public demand for more sustainable products.  (For example, Walmart will eventually require all suppliers to document the environmental impact for all products it sells.)
  • Meet regulatory requirements.  (For example, Californiaís Low Carbon Fuel Standard and the DOE Loan Guarantee program both require reporting on life cycle metrics.)
  • Achieve cost savings & efficiency.  (Many of the activities that reduce life cycle impacts also cut energy and other costs.)

Climate Action Plan

Why create a climate action plan?  A comprehensive and well-designed and climate and sustainability plan is a necessary strategic requirement to be a leading business:

  • Cost savings & efficiency:  Many activities that reduce greenhouse gas ("carbon") emissions also cut energy and other costs, so a climate action plan identifies a cost-effective way for you to operate.
  • Enhance brand and reputation with customers, employees, investors and your community.
  • Risk management: Climate legislation, EPA regulations, public opinion, and future energy prices all present potential risks to your business.

Our clear, holistic, and adaptable process allows you to choose the best options for your organization.  Each Climate Action Plan follows these steps:

  • Greenhouse gas (carbon emission) inventory.
  • Indirect emissions ("Scope 3") analysis -- not only your direct emissions but also the impact of purchased goods and services.
  • Development of a comprehensive and cost-effective business strategy.
  • Training & facilitation to achieve successful implementation.

Take the Next Step

Our GreeningShift solution makes it easy to take your first step.  And if you're ready to begin a comprehensive program, we have the capability.  Either way, to get started, please contact us today.

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