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The Business Sustainability Workshop Series

About SCORE and SPaRK

The Business Sustainability Workshops are based on SCORE and SPaRK, developed by Axis Performance Advisors in conjunction with the International Sustainable Development Foundation and the Zero Waste Alliance.  Axis has more than ten years of practical experience using these tools. Our Business Sustainability Workshops are conducted by principal consultants from Verdafero, Inc. who have been trained and certified by Axis.

The Business Guide to SustainabilitySCORE provides the Sustainability Competency, Opportunity Rating & Evaluation process -- a sustainability assessment that dovetails with The Business Guide to Sustainability: Practical Strategies and Tools for Organizations, winner of an American Library Association award for “best academic titles of 2007.”  The book is included with the SCORE Workshop.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Sustainability PlanningSPaRK provides the Sustainability Planning and Reporting Kit process that dovetails with The Step-by-Step Guide to Sustainability Planning: How to Create and Implement Sustainability Plans in Any Business or Organization.  This book is included with the SPaRK Workshop.

What People Say

About SCORE:

SCORE is an excellent tool to help an organization assess its internal strengths and weaknesses with respect to sustainability. I think it can be very helpful to organizations that are committed to sustainability and have a desire to improve and excel.
- Dean Kubani
City of Santa Monica

Even though we have been pursuing sustainability for several years and have a robust infrastructure to support our efforts, the SCORE process uncovered new directions and helped us refocus our energies and actions.
- Clark Brockman
SERA Architects

About SPaRK:

This essential training helps balance the focus of your green journey by looking at the triple bottom line. It's not just about environmental management but also promotes economic prosperity and social capital. The tools are meaningful and can be adapted to whatever your discipline.
- Tim Center, Esq.
VP, Sustainability Initiatives
Collins Center for Public Policy

Thanks for an enlightened day ... I’ve become so much smarter in just one day.
- Kha Le-Huu
Le-Huu Partners, Architects

(Note: the above comments pertain to SCORE and SPaRK from Axis Performance Advisors, and are therefore not an endorsement of Greening Point, Inc. or our Workshop leaders.)

The Business Sustainability Workshop Series is a time- and cost-efficient option for organizations of any size.  We also offer the Low Carbon Enterprise Executive Workshop Series for executive teams in the largest enterprises.

Sustainability = Business Performance

bottom-line performanceSustainability-focused companies have been found to financially outperform their peers in almost every industry by an average of 15%.   Large global enterprises are investing in sustainability not only because it's the right thing to do, but also to lower costs, reduce risk, enhance reputation and foster innovation.  What about the rest of us?

The Business Sustainability Workshop Series is designed for any size organization.  With a quick streamlined process, management teams follow a well-tested, step-by-step approach to implementing and reporting on sustainable business practices.  The Workshops are designed to deliver results while training and engaging your team.

SCORE Workshop

Implementing sustainable business practices?  Wondering what to work on next?  Need a simple method to understand what sustainability means for your business functions?  Want to know how your company compares with others who are implementing sustainability?

SCORE Gap Analysis Chart

SCORE Workshop Benefits

  • Determine where your organization is on the road to sustainability both standalone and compared to others who have taken the assessment.
  • Assess your organizational practices to identify new opportunities. Nearly 100 business practices are included, sorted by business function.
  • Receive three levels of benchmarks so you can see where your organization is now and sustainability goals to strive for over the long term.
  • Supplement emerging sustainability rating systems and award programs.

Time-Efficient Workshop Process

  • Scoping: At the initial meeting you clarify goals, choose parts of the assessment to take and then, with our help, decide who should participate.
  • Facilitation: We administer the assessment onsite, score the results, and develop an action plan. You choose either two 2-hour meetings (assessment and discussing recommendations) or one half-day session.
  • Report: We produce a detailed report with recommendations. (You get an Excel file with your data, an MS Word or PDF report, a PowerPoint file summarizing the report findings and a copy of the companion book.)

SPaRK Workshop

Need a well-tested, step-by-step approach to creating a sustainability plan and report?  Daunted by how to identify and track meaningful sustainability metrics?  Wondering how you'll find time to create a sustainability report?

SPaRK Workshop Benefits

  • Quickly develop a sustainability plan and reporting format, with supporting electronic files.
  • Get a "big picture" overview of the sustainability impacts of your organization including inputs (energy & materials), major business processes, outputs (products & waste), and social considerations.
  • Provides a template with numerous energy efficiency, material utilization, and other sustainability metrics to help you drive programs.
  • Understand commonly used sustainability frameworks to build the business case for your programs.
  • Prepares your organization to take a leadership role in your industry giving you a long term, strategic competitive advantage.

Time-Efficient Workshop Process

  • Scoping: At the initial meeting you clarify your strategic sustainability vision, choose parts of the plan template to implement and, with our help, decide how to build the business case within your organization.
  • Facilitation: We administer the workshop onsite and develop the plan with you. You choose either three 6-hour sessions or six 3-hour meetings to establish the business case, projects, and metrics for your plan.
  • Report: We produce a detailed sustainability plan with recommendations. (You get an Excel file with your data, an MS Word or PDF plan, and a copy of the companion book.)

Take the Next Step

The Business Sustainability Workshops are currently available at locations within 100 miles of San Francisco.  (Other locations by special arrangement.)  To get started, please contact us today.

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