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Sustainability = Profit

windmills"Sustainable companies ... outperform their peers."

-- A.T. Kearney. "Green Winners: The Performance of Sustainability-focused Companies in the Financial Crisis"

"The shift to a low carbon economy ... will require the creation of new technologies, industries and jobs on a massive scale ... the economic and investment opportunity of our lifetime."

-- Kevin Parker. Deutsche Asset Management


We're proud to announce GreeningShift, a fast, simple, and low-cost assessment service to give your organization an immediate "big picture" view of energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and overall sustainability -- with pointers to the highest payoff next steps.

Sustainability = Innovation

Harvard Business Review coverIn a short video segment, Dr. Ram Nidumolu speaks about a recently published sustainability framework based on his research with leading global companies such as FedEx, Clorox, Cisco, P&G and others.  This framework is the foundation of the Low Carbon Enterprise Executive Workshop Series, available from Greening Point.

Greening Point - The Magazine

Greening Point Video MagazineWe're developing a new video media property with a magazine format. This is a work-in-process.  We've completed a preliminary sample piece, and we would value your feedback.

Ice sheet breaking up

To visualize the impact of possible climate change scenarios on our shorelines, we worked with Cartifact to create a public education resource,, with high quality maps linked to the science behindRisingOceanLevels Santa Cruz inundation map climate change.  We aren't predicting any outcome -- we're helping people understand the risks we all may be taking if we fail to act on climate change.

Enabling Enterprises to Prosper in the Emerging Low Carbon Economy

We help businesses and communities reduce carbon footprint and other environmental impacts for their own and for the common good.  Our expert services, web-based applications and media can help you:

  • Save money
  • Buffer against future energy price increases
  • Identify and reduce future regulatory risk
  • Enhance your brand with customers, employees and the community
  • Be more profitable by integrating sustainability thinking/innovation into your business strategy

Sustainability Consulting Services include quick start options with immediate payoffs through in-depth expert engagements to make your organization more resilient and sustainably profitable.  Services include energy assessment, product life cycle assessment, and climate action planning.

Executive Workshop Programs make enterprises more innovative and more competitive by using sustainability as a key business driver.  Workshop leaders include internationally recognized strategic consultants who can help executive teams drive growth through innovation in the emerging low carbon economy.

Sustainable Investment Analytics allow public companies to understand how they are rated by green investors and the public -- and how to improve those ratings.

Enterprise Carbon Management tools enable businesses to easily and accurately account for carbon emissions, helping enterprises be more sustainable as well as comply with regulatory mandates.  Powerful, flexible and compelling reporting simplifies the task of involving employees and first-line managers in the process of reducing carbon emissions -- while reducing costs as well.

Integrated Solutions

Greening Point solutions combine products and services from leading green-tech suppliers plus our own media, implementation, consulting and analysis services.

When people work together in concerted action, like lever and fulcrum, they accomplish significantly more than they do when acting alone. Our solutions engage individuals to work together to multiply their efforts so they can move their world towards a more sustainable future.

Enabling More Sustainable Communities

The Community Carbon Management Program accelerates community action on climate change.  Cities, counties, regional governments, universities, public utilities and other organizations can more effectively engage their communities in measuring, managing and reducing the total carbon footprint.  Commercial enterprises can also use the program as part of employee and customer outreach programs promoting sustainability.

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